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Syndication Portals for Law Schools

Universities, colleges and law schools can publish a Syndication Portal with content from students, professors, and alumni. Demonstrate the gravitas of your academic program with blog posts and media from generation to generation.

McGeorge School of Law’s portal, McGeorge Law Today
Another way to elevate your law school and share your community’s insights.

Appeal to future students.

Offers a way to increase visibility to potential students.

Share blogging insights internally.

Showcases law students and their thought leadership.

An added benefit for alumni.

Provides a new way to engage school alumni and promote their expertise.

Showcase your thought leadership in your area.

Puts the law school at the epicenter of a thought leadership community of alumni, faculty and students.
“It really does allow there to be almost a conversation, and a conversation that the members of our community can all participate in. They can see what each other is passionate about.”
—Michael Schwartz, Dean, McGeorge School of Law

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Featured Case Study

The story behind McGeorge School of Law’s McGeorge Law Today
How McGeorge School of Law partnered with LexBlog to continue their goal as an innovative, forward-thinking law school

The University of Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law has consistently been an innovator in the academic world. This burning drive to advance this space resulted in the first academic Syndication Portal.

McGeorge Law Today is a first-of-its-kind law school resource that aims to strengthen community, focus on public service and aligns with McGeorge’s mission as a law school.

“This is just a great way to spotlight our alumni and support their efforts through blogging to advance themselves. And to really just highlight their voices and share their success.” —Michael Schwartz, Dean of McGeorge School of Law.

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