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The Blog for the lawyer and law firm looking to project their image through custom design.

Blog Plus is the product for individual lawyers or law firm practice groups looking to convey a certain image and customize their blog’s look and feel. Enjoy a fully branded, responsive design that’s custom to your firm or organization, a dynamic author list that highlights each and every one of the writers for your publication and email campaign statistics to monitor engagement.

Our Promise

LexBlog will work with all blog authors on strategy to set you up for success from the beginning, and we’ve got the tech side covered for you in the best way–from mobile-friendly design to continuous software / plugin updates to a search-friendly sitemap and structure, to automated email notifications to blog subscribers and more.

At any point during your blog’s lifespan—whether that’s months or years down the road—LexBlog is here to answer all questions regarding strategy, engagement, tech and anything else that might pop up. LexBlog is your partner in the success of your blog.

Gain more insights with email campaign statistics.

Responsive email notifications are delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes, and you have the ability to view statistics on open and click rate, link engagement and 24-hour performance.

Enjoy personalized author profiles for any blogger on your publication.

Whether just for you or your entire practice group, each blogger receives an archive page, portrait byline, bio box and editor notifications.

Personalize your graphics and branding to fit your own custom look.

Customize your masthead and include the graphics and branding of your choosing. The desired look and feel will also carry over to your email subscriber notifications.

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Blog Plus Features
Up to 25 authors
One hour of Strategic Consultation
Blog development
and hosting
Fully branded responsive design
Syndication to
Responsive branded email notifications, email subscribe page
Enhanced author features and dynamic author lists
SEO optimization
Platform updates and maintenance
Email, Phone,
& online support

Cost: $225 per month plus

Initial Fee: $1,100

Most of my business comes from my blog. Over the years, more and more business owners have grown tech savvy and decided to Google when they need help. With the right search, I come up on page one. They may not read everything, but they’ll get a sense from looking at my blog that “Hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about.” It’s been a real recipe for marketing success. It’s really worked because this is such a micro-niche practice.

Peter Mahler

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